Darul Ameen are now providing a free service. Treatment used by Darul Ameen is similar to most, in using the Quran and Sunnah of our Rusool SAW. We use Quran/ Ruqiyah water, oil and dates etc. It is not our practise use Taweez (amulets) nor do we use Jinn in any way. Patients are given specific daily Adhkar (Zikr) which generally lasts for a period of 40 days. Most problems from Jinn and Sihr (black magic) are exasperated by the victim’s Nafs (desires). The Saliheen (early Muslims) were known for there strict control over their Nafs and because of this, their problems from evil interference was greatly suppressed. We are presently in an age of spiritual weakness where most of us are dominated by our desires. Because of this, more effort is needed in defeating our invisible enemies. Alhamdulillah, we are able to treat anywhere in the world. Jinn One problem with interrogating Jinn, is that it is not possible to access whether they are telling the truth. Using good, pious Jinn maybe also problematic as we do not know if they are being threatened by stronger Shayateen (devils, evil Jinn) into misleading us. A pious Jinn will connect itself to us as well as its family and his family may not be as pious especially after he passes away, leaving us or our family with inherited problems. Taweez The Taweedh is Sunnah when used on children and therefore not impermissible for adults. Even so, we do not like the use of the Taweez as they are very easy to manipulate by magicians and Shayateen. For example, one Taweez looked very impressive, it had only the names of Allah SWT in Arabic but in the corner was written the word ‘Aameen’. This word ‘Ameen’ was also the name of a Shaytan (devil) so by wearing this innocent looking Taweez, the victim had a free Shaytan coming to him. A Taweez with any non Arabic writing is even more dangerous as the name of any Shaytaan can be added as a number or word which may also share a meaning from the Quran.