Darul Ameen are a group of Muslim spiritual healers (Raaqis) who provide an international Ruqiyah service. We work together in helping to alleviate the sufferings of individuals and families from problems caused by Jinn (spirits) and Sihr (black magic). Such spiritual problems are forever on the increase throughout the Muslim and non Muslim world. Iblis (the lord of all Shayateen/ devils) has now succeeded in making Sihr fashionable with music, books and films. So now ignorant people are now finding limited success  in using Shayateen to fulfil their evil aspirations and desires. Ultimately, your spiritual problems are from Allah SWT. He SWT uses these trying tests in order to bring you closer to Him, as He only tests those He loves. It is the purpose of Darul Ameen to help you, to realise your spiritual weaknesses in order that you rectify yourself for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Strengthening your spiritual self will help you in combating your hidden enemies and make you more of a friend of Allah SWT. Inshallah, we will work with you in destroying the Shayateen, the Sihr and the magicians behind them. Darul Ameen specialise in helping those victims who have had long term problems and who have not succeeded with help from other Raaqis.